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Compiling ScummVM

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ScummVM has been ported to several different [[Platforms]]. Compilation of ScummVM is a bit different for each platform, so instructions have been included for the official platforms that ScummVM can be compiled for
=== Current Officially Supported Platforms ===
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|[ Windows CE/Mobile] || [[Compiling_ScummVM/Windows_CE|Windows CE]] instructions
|[ Sega Dreamcast] || [[Compiling ScummVM/Dreamcast|Sega Dreamcast]] instructions
|[ Sony Playstation PlayStation Portable]||[[Compiling ScummVM/PlayStation Portable|PlayStation Portable]] instructions|-|[ Sony PlayStation 2]||[[Compiling ScummVM/PlayStation 2|PlayStation 2]] instructions
|[ Mac OS X]||[[Compiling ScummVM/Mac OS X Crosscompiling|Mac OS X Crosscompiling]] and [[Compiling ScummVM/Mac OS X 10.2.8|Mac OS X 10.2.8]] instructions
|[ Apple iPhone]||[[Compiling ScummVM/iPhone|iPhone]] instructions
|[ Nintendo DS]||[[Compiling ScummVM/Nintendo DS|Nintendo DS]] instructions
|[ BeOS]/[ ZETA]/[ Haiku]||[[Compiling ScummVM/BeOS/ZETA/Haiku|BeOS/ZETA/Haiku]] instructions
|[ Nintendo Wii and Gamecube]||[[Compiling ScummVM/Wii|Wii and Gamecube]] instructions
If you have instructions for compiling a port of ScummVM that is not mentioned here, feel free to contact us!


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