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== Tools ==
=== Tools: Create a great user interface for the compression tools ===
''Technical Contact'': [[User:Fingolfin|Max Horn]]
We offer a multitude of command line tools in a separate package (scummvm-tools).
The majority of these tools are used to (re)compress audio data. This greatly helps users who want to play their games on devices with limited storage, like PDAs and smart phones.
The user can choose between MP3, Ogg Vorbis and (in those cases where it makes sense) FLAC compression. The tools take the original data files, extract sound data, compress them, and reassemble everything into new (smaller) data files.
''The Task:''
Right now, those tools are mainly for command line users. Needless to say, this makes it very difficult to use for many people who just want to play a game, and who do not have a strong technical background.
During GSoC 2007, progress was made in unifying the internal code of these tools (mainly the compression tools). Also a basic GUI wrapper using wxWidget was added, as a first step towards making the tools usable for non-experts. However, this wrapper is right now a very thin shell around the true complexity of the tools.
Your task would be to turn this GUI tool into a truly amazing and portable tool (usable on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X at least, ideally on more) which would be very easy to use for beginners, yet offers (optionally) the full power of the compression tools for experts.
In particular, the user should be able to just drop a file onto the tool icon (or one of its windows), the tool would detect which game it is looking at, and offer a simple "one-click-and-done" start button to the user. Optionally, the user could tweak his default settings before starting the conversion (like choosing a different compression level, a custom output directory, etc.). The GUI would be very forgiving to the user (e.g. if selecting data from a read-only media or a directory with not enough free space, it would automatically ask the user for an alternate output location of the generated files. It would upon startup show a nice friendly window with instructions on how to use it, etc.). The exact desired feature set would have to be determined at the start of the project, in discussions with the ScummVM team members and users on our forums. This would be turned into a rough set of mockups and/or texts describing the planned features.
Many ideas for what could be done here already exist, but you are most welcome to also develop and contribute your own!
=== Tools: Game script (bytecode) decompiler ===

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