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first draft of gsoc tools status page
'''This page reflects the current state of the GSoC 2009 GUI tools, and provides additional notes and TODO/Wishlist items.'''

{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" width=100%
|+Tool status
|- style="background:silver"
|Tool Name||Status||Tester||Platform||What was tested||CLI/GUI||SVN revision
|- style="background:lightgreen"
|compress_scumm_sou||Working||joostp||Debian GNU/Linux x86_64 (sid)||Indy4 English Talkie<br>DOTT English Talkie<br>DOTT English demo||CLI||?

== Wishlist/TODO ==

* display a progress bar for extract_scumm_mac and compress_scumm_*
* On the last page it would be nice to have an option to extract or compress other files (i.e. go back on the first page instead of closing the application).


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