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133 bytes added ,  21:40, 23 February 2010
* Audio tab: the "Subtitle speed:" and "Text and Speech:" should IMO be aligned along the ":" with the other two labels.
* Audio tab: The "Text and Speech" button should be wider, right now it display "ech and Subtit" for me, instead of "Speech and Subtitles" ;). Maybe turn that into "Speech & Subtitles", too, to save two chars
** Is this fixed? The -g1x GUI now uses the shorter "Speech & Subs". --[[User:Salty-horse|salty-horse]] 21:40, 23 February 2010 (UTC)
* Volume tab: Align the three labels along their colon? (probably means setting them to be right aligned)
* Misc tab: The rendered popup is not wide enough to display the full renderer name. But we could grow it a bit, by moving the label more to the left, that might be sufficient.
* the options dialog in there has a Speech & Subtitles which is not wide enough (like in the launcher)
* also in the GMM options dialog, I would consider right-aligning the widget labels.
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