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Music drivers redesign

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Add rough analysis on which engines use which music type
**The MetaEngine offers an API for querying which music types are supported by a given target, in order of preference and the user can choose one of those (default will use the previously configured priorities)
**The user can manually choose an output device and configure it
=Which engines use which music type?=
*Engines using no MIDI at all:
** drascula
** m4
** tucker
** sword1
** sword2
*Engines using MIDI and without any special adlib support (so they use the AdLib driver at most as a cheap MIDI "emulator"):
** agi
** agos
** draci
** made
** mohawk
** parallaction
** teenagent
** tinsel
** touche
*Engines which seem to have custom code to deal with AdLib
** cine
** cruise
** gob
** groovie ??
** kyra
** lure ??
** queen
** saga ??
** sci
** scumm
** sky
*Engine using MDT_PCSPK
** agi
** kyra
** sci
** scumm
*MDT_TOWNS and MDT_CMS are *only* used by SCUMM. Kyra has custom FM-TOWNS code.
*MDT_TOWNS can probably be removed -- it should only be enabled for FM-TOWNS games anyway.


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