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Music drivers redesign

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=Usage from the engines=
There are two proposals currently. The first one delegates all the work to the music driver manager involving just one call to it which already returns the music driver created depending on the settings, and it just has to be casted to use it. This ensures a coherent behaviour behavior through all the engines:
musicdriver = MusicDriverManager->createDriver(MusicTypePreferenceList(MDT_MT32, MDT_ADLIB, MDT_SPKR));
switch (musicdriver->type) {
** cruise
** gob
** groovie ??(it just loads custom instruments, nothing fancier)
** kyra
** lure ??
** scumm
*MDT_TOWNS and MDT_CMS are *only* used by SCUMM. Kyra has custom FM-TOWNS code. Kyra FM-Towns games also feature the possibility of Audio CD playback for some game tracks.
*MDT_TOWNS can probably be removed -- it should only be enabled for FM-TOWNS games anyway.


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