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== Projects, plans, things to do ==
* [[OpenTasks|List of open tasks]], with relatively detailed descriptions, and contact points. Some rather small ones, some bigger ones, take a look.
* [[TODO|Main TODO list]] (contains links to many further specialized TODO pages, e.g. for specific engines). The following are partially outdated, but kept for now for the sake of reference.* [[Small Devices Backend]] -- this is was under development as part of the GSoC, but additional help is welcome.
* [[Keymapping Improvements]] -- still in the design stage. Help is welcome.
* [[Music drivers redesign]] -- in phase of discussion
=== TODO lists ===* [[TODO|Main TODO list]]* [[AGI/TODO|AGI TODO]]* [[AGOS/TODO|AGOS TODO]]* [[Cine/TODO|Cine TODO]]* [[Gob/TODO|Gob TODO]]* [[HE Progress]]* [[Residual/TODO|Residual TODO]]* [[SAGA/TODO|SAGA TODO]]* [[SCI/TODO|SCI TODO]] === New GUI ===* [[GUI Themes/TODO|Our "new" GUI TODO]]is themeable. If you are interested in writing a custom theme, the following may be of help for you:
* [[GUI Themes]]
* [[GUI Themes/Specs|GUI Theme Specs]]
* [[GUI Themes/TODO|GUI TODO]]
== Release Management ==


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