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→‎Language features: Mention that C++ global objects are bad
== Language features ==
ScummVM is written in a subset of C++. Due to limitations of the C++ run-times on various platforms, the following features can't cannot be used:
* C++ exceptions (throw/catch)
* C++ RTTI (run-time type information, as in dynamic_cast<>)
* global C++ objects (their constructors / destructors will not be called on certain targets)
Furthermore, the standard C++ library is a big no-no. Besides usually heavily relying on the above mentioned features, it also sucks up rather more resources than we'd would like to, so we have our own replacements for various container classes etc.
We are reviewing these decisions from time to time, but so far, in our estimation the drawbacks of using any of these outweigh the hypothetical advantages.


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