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→‎Preparing the source: add instructions on how to create the MSVC project files for a release source (yes we could add a script for that, volunteers are welcome ;-)
* Make sure package descriptions are up-to-date:
** dists/redhat/scummvm.spec
* Create MSVC project files
** First of all you need to build the create_msvc tool by using "make tools"
** Run create_msvc with "../.. --msvc-version 8" from dists/msvc8
** Run create_msvc with "../.. --msvc-version 9" from dists/msvc9
** Run create_msvc with "../.. --msvc-version 10" from dists/msvc10
** Add all *.vcproj, *.sln, *.vsprops, *.vcxproj, *.vcxproj.filters, *.props files to the release tag in SVN
* Make source tarballs, post them in the FRS.
** There is a script <code>tools/</code>, which does this automatically.


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