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Write a news blurb (or rather multiple to be used in the following). Usually, you want a bit longer one for the website, a list for Versiontracker, something with proper english sentences for Freshmeat, etc....
* Write a news item for our website (and also to be used as template for news items on other sites).* Update documentation page to link to the new README.* Update link to release notes (on downloads.php) to point to the correct new release notes in the FRS.
* Update / notify various sites:
** Create a news item (Ender, Fingolfin, Sev, ...)** [ Freshmeat] (Ender, Fingolfin, Sev ...but anybody can do it)
** [] (Fingolfin)
** Update [ heise software directory] (Fingolfin)
** Post about the release on our forums
** ... more ?
* Put the updated web site online
* In the File Release System, use the "Notify" feature to make sure everybody who's interested in new releases gets a mail
=== Updating the wiki ===


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