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* Improve the look of the GMM: This could include displaying the engine name and the ScummVM logo somewhere on the GMM.
* Config Dialog code: Resolve the FIXME in engines/dialogs.cpp which pertains to having to use the empty string as the domain name. This is a bigger task, but will enable many other changes (thus as finally changing ConfigManager to use ConfigFile). Essentially, the current game config dialog tries to abuse the system by editing the *active* settings via the config manager, in order to fully reduce the options dialog code from the launcher. But there is a big difference between editing the config settings of a specific target, and the active settings. So, one probably needs to rewrite the code for the config dialog shown from the GMM
* Make it possible to reach the "key remapper" and "virtual keyboard" from the GMM, if available?
* Sugar on the cake: In addition to the ScummVM logo and version, how about showing the engine name and game title at the top of the GMM?
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