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* Check for the presence of all required data files in all games; or, as a somewhat less extensive measure, at least do this: For games which were shipped on multiple volumes (floppies, CDs), check for the presence of at least one file per volume.
* Check for the presence of our external support files like kyra.dat, sky.cpt, etc., and also verify that they are up-to-date. For details, see [ FR #1520433]
=== GUI ===
* The options dialog may show a button for configuring the savepath even on systems where it is fixed -> not good. This button should be hidden/removed for these systems
* Highlight the "default" button in dialogs (e.g. the classic MacOS way, drawing a fat border around it; or by using different coloring; or a combination). This falls under "usability", too.
* Global Main Menu
** Allow engines to extend this more freely. E.g. for the SCUMM engine, we would want to add a "Help" button
** Make it possible to reach the "key remapper" and "virtual keyboard" from the GMM, if available?
** Sugar on the cake: In addition to the ScummVM logo and version, how about showing the engine name and game title at the top of the GMM?
=== OSystem ===
* get to rid of the evil global gBitFormat!We are mostly there now, outside of the graphics/ directory only the WinCE port access it for a single scaler. Once this has been moved to graphics, we can make gBitFormat local and then finally replace it by using PixelFormats.
=== Sound system ===


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