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* revamp TODO page in Wiki; distinguish better between things that clearly should be done, and ideas resp. visions resp. crazy ideas... ;)
* show cover art in launcher
** this would only be done on "high end" systems, must be possible to disable code
** we can't ship artwork directly, due to copyright concerns; so only ship artwork where it is legally possible, and otherwise allow users to setup "artwork packs"
** control what artwork is shown using a config key
* design a smooth cool new UI
* separate launcher code even more from rest of ScummVM, to make custom launchers easier?
** maybe separate launcher using MVC approach? Separate code which scans for games etc. from the presentation layer, to make it easier to write custom launchers with behavior matching that of the default launcher?
** investigate existing localization patch(es)
** translate engines as well? what about errors?
* add support for saving/loading from the GMM in more engines
* Should we add a mandatory "engineid" to all ScummVM game targets? This would reduce pressure on gameid usage. Reduces requirement to load all engines just to detect which is the right one when starting a game.
* Change config file "version" to a real version, not just the version of the last ScummVM to have written the file. This could then be used to track whether the file was already updated to use new features, like "engineid"
* add some generic code to detect outdated config files and upgrade them. Be way of backward incompatible changes, though! Adding engineid everywhere is compatible, so is tweaking descs; but removing obsolete keys isn't.
** for the others, what needs to be done to fix this?
** what about engine support? i.e. letting engines specify which "keys" a given game wants?


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