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=== OSystem ===
* get to rid of the evil global gBitFormat! We are mostly there now, outside of the graphics/ directory only the WinCE port access it for a single scaler. Once this has been moved to graphics, we can make gBitFormat local and then finally replace it by using PixelFormats.
=== Sound system ===
==== Mixer ====
* document the semantics of sound handles and sound ids
* Are there backends which could benefit from a 'custom' mixer? If so, what would be required to implement such a thing? Needs talking to porters
==== Audio CD handling ====
* add a "pause" feature to the AudioCDManager (might require us to extend the OSystem CD API, too). Useful to be able to fully pause the currently running engine
=== SCUMM ===
* Work around actor (re)color bugs in Indy3 FM-TOWNS / VGA. See
* Might also be nice to use the trick they used in AGI/Sarien to add custom recoloring to costumes at least for the EGA games. E.g. in MM, an actor with blue trousers working on a blue ground looks... stealthy :)
=== Misc ===


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