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Symbian OS (*) : 640x4xx games and Scumm V7 usually have issues due to memory constraints. Also some newer SVN game engines are built in, but not tested.<br>
Windows CE (*) : 640x480 or 640x400 games only supported on non-low resolution (176x220) devices.
=== Features supported by Platform ===
category = Platforms
include = {PortFeatures} Features Inforow
table = border="1" cellpadding="2" class="sortable" ,-, style="background:silver" | Platform , style="background:silver" | FLAC , style="background:silver" | MP3 , style="background:silver" | Ogg Vorbis , style="background:silver" | zlib , style="background:silver" | Plugins , style="background:silver" | Backend
FLAC audio is provided by the [ FLAC library]<br>
MP3 audio is provided by the [ mad library]<br>
Ogg Vorbis audio is provided by either the [ Tremor library] or the [ Ogg Vorbis library]<br>
The [ zlib library] is used for compressed savegames and for the decoding of DXA videos.


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