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Project Services

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→‎Project Services: List John as buildbot co-maintainer, and jordi as wiki co-maintainer
* Purpose: Provides automated build services for an increasing number of our supported platforms.
* Primary Maintainer(s): Andre Heider ([[User:Dhewg|Dhewg]]) | John Willis ([[User:DJWillis|DJWillis]])
=== Doxygen Project Documentation ===
* Purpose: This wiki is mostly intended for Developers to document the project and collaborate on various current projects.
* Primary Maintainer(s): Eugene Sandulenko Thierry Crozat ([[User:SevCriezy|SevCriezy]]) | Max Horn Jordi Vilalta ([[User:FingolfinJvprat|FingolfinJvprat]]) * If you need an account, talk to Eugene Sandulenko ([[User:Sev| Thierry Crozat Sev]]) or Max Horn ([[User:CriezyFingolfin|CriezyFingolfin]]).
=== Mailing list ===


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