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'''Maniac Mansion''' was the first game to use the [[SCUMM]] scripting language, which is in fact an acronym for ''Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion''. The game follows Dave Miller and a group of his friends as they break into a strange mansion in an attempt to rescue Dave's girlfriend Sandy and stop the evil purple meteor from taking over the world. The game has a group of six characters to choose from (Dave must always be in your party), and multiple possible endings.
The Nintendo Entertainment System version featured additional music for cut-scenes and themes for each playable character. It also contained many changes from the original due to standards and practices at Nintendo, such as the removal of the statue on the second floor and the changing of several words Nintendo found inappropriate. The Famicom version of Maniac Mansion, released exclusively in Japan did not use the SCUMM engine.
Maniac Mansion was never released for the macintoshMacintosh. However it is included in [[Day_of_the_Tentacle|Day of the Tentacle]]. If you have the macintosh Macintosh version of [[Day_of_the_Tentacle|Day of the Tentacle]] you will need to extract the *.LFL files from the ''Day of the Tentacle Data'' file using '[[User_Manual/Appendix:_Tools#extract_scumm_mac|extract_scumm_mac]]'. When you point ScummVM to the directory with all the extracted files it will propose you to either add [[Day_of_the_Tentacle|Day of the Tentacle]] or Maniac Mansion. The English version is the V1 DOS version while non-English versions are V2 DOS.
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