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User Manual: Add a line concerning Fascination CD extraction
Note: in the Music add-on the ogg files are in an audio directory, if you keep them in that directory you will need to add it in the Game extra path. To do so, after adding the game in ScummVM, select the game in the ScummVM launcher and click on Edit Game. Then go to the Paths tab and in Extra Path add the path to the Music directory in which all the ogg files should be. Alternatively you can move all the ogg files in the same directory where you have the data files (the PACKET.00# files), and it will pick up the music without having to select an extra path.
==== Fascination ====
In order to get the game working, you will have to extract the STK files hidden on the CD. In order to do so, create an ISO of you original disc, then use the [[User_Manual/Appendix:_Tools#extract_fascination_cd|'extract_fascination_cd' utility from the tools package]] to create the four STK files.
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