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update from forums -- teen agent, dragon history, and freddi1 have all been tested once
|Discworld 2 - Missing Presumed ...!?||N/A||N/A||None||None||None
|-style="background:lightgreen"|Dragon History||N/AGerman DOS||N/ACompletable. See {{BugTrack|num=3065376}}.|None|WindlePoons|None|aptosid 2.6.35 (x86_32)|None|52698
|- style="background:#eeccee"
|#Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back||N/A||N/A||None||None||None
|- style="background:#eeccee"
|#Nippon Safes||N/A||N/A||None||None||None
|- style="background:#eecceeffff77"|#Teen Agent||N/AEnglish DOS||N/ACompletable. No problems noted.||NoneKuroShiro||NoneWin32 (Win7)||None52714
|Touche: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer||N/A||N/A||None||None||None
|Fatty Bears Fun Pack ||N/A||N/A||None||None||None
|-style="background:lightgreen"|Freddi Fish 1: The Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds||N/AEnglish Windows||Completable. See {{BugTrack|N/Anum=2958255}}.||NoneGraxer||NoneWin32 (Win7)||None52683
|Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse||N/A||N/A||None||None||None


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