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GIT Migration

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Added info on the Mercurial client
:Windows users may want to take a look at and --[[User:Fingolfin|Fingolfin]] 12:47, 2 November 2010 (UTC)
==== Things to tweak in the repository conversion ====
:Author names/emails: see this thread: .
:From Fingolfin:
==== Where to host the GIT repository? ====
* SF.Net Internal GIT hosting? - Not ideal. Features lacking.
* From Fingolfin: One thing to settle is where to host the master repository: I for once would like using github, due to the many nice features it offers, like very easy code review. (FYI, I registered a scummvm project account there some time ago, in case we want to use it, and to prevent others from (ab)using it). [ ScummVM on GITHub].
Some of our devs already use github for their own ScummVM trees, and since github makes it super-easy for anybody to branch from another user's tree, and then push changes back (resp. file a "pull request)", this seems ideal to me.
==== Alternatives ====
* The mercurial client, which is written in Python, can perhaps provide a better user experience for Windows, together with tortoise-hg. Relevant guides can be found here:


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