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::Many of those actually change things (like updating version numbers or removing files), so probably not all of them.
::Correction: yes, we can get rid of all of them, and I did in my scummvm-archive repo on github. [[User:Wjp|Wjp]] 14:11, 3 January 2011 (UTC)
:Also, I think when we made the CVS conversion back then, something went slightly wrong with the very old history. Consider e.g. <>, where the code that should be in trunk is hidden away in a subdirectory "scummvm-old" of trunk. Not terrible, but certainly annoying. Esp. since later on, at some point the two are mixed: Trunk is populated but "scummvm-old" is still there.This happened in revision 4785, see <>, and while it lists me as the committer with commit message "Initial revision", I am not quite sure why that is... probably because we switch to a new CVS repository back then, with a revised file structure... And things were never properly stitched together. The annoying part is that "scummvm-old" is still visible much, much later, see e.g. <>. It was only removed in revision 20419, see <>, manually.


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