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Compiling ScummVM/iPhone

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You'll need to set some environment variables for both the external libraries, and ScummVM itself. This is so the right compiler and libraries will be used.
export SDKROOT=<your toolkit directory>
export SYSROOT="$SDKROOT/sys"
export AS=$SDKROOT/pre/bin/arm-apple-darwin9-as
The below should usually do the trick for these:
./configure --host=arm-darwin --prefix=$SDKROOT/sys/
make && make install
=== ScummVM ===
Then, we need to configure ScummVM itself.
./configure --host=iphone \
--disable-mt32emu --disable-scalers --enable-release \
--with-mpeg2-prefix=/$SYSROOT/usr/local \
Note that the --with-flac-prefix (and the rest) is only necessary if you want to include support for that specific library.
Now, we can start the compile:
make iphone
Lastly, we want to make a bundle:
make iphonebundle
Then simply upload the whole directory to your device under the /Applications folder, and you're done!


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