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→‎AGI v1.12 sound format: clarify that it's Winnie DOS
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==AGI v1.12 sound format==
The sound format used in AGI version 1.12 (and also in the DOS version of the pre-AGI game Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood) is less structured from the format described above for AGIv2 and AGIv3.
In this format the note data is separated to "rows" of fixed duration of 2. Each row contains the data for all the four generators and ends with the byte 0. The data consists simply of register values that the player dumps to the sound chip. Because of this they can be in arbitrary order. An exception is the frequency updates that need two bytes and the chip expects them to come in the correct order. Often a row contains only one 0 which means the chip state is not updated on this row.


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