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== TODO ==
* Complain if no game data was found in specified directory instead of assert() and producing bunch of useless warnings.
** It would also be nice to only error out on invalid PAK files in case the file is really required by the original game. This is especially a problem in Kyra1, see {{BugTrack|num=3166235}} for example.* Refactoring and generic code changes (and along with it hopefully saving binary size...).** The animator code, which is quite similar between Kyra2 and Kyra3, is a good candidate here. Furthermore one might consider to adapt the Kyra1 animator code to use a Kyra2 style handling too.** The scene state code of Kyra1 could probably be rewritten to match the one in Kyra2 and Kyra3. This might remove some accuracy in our reimplementation, since it is harder to have the fixed item limit per scene then. But it will probably result in less code.** Various other code parts could probably be unified too.
* Revise "skipFlag" handling in Kyrandia 1 code.
* Implement sound support in the Macintosh version of Kyrandia 1.
* Implement support for the PC Speaker sound data in the Kyrandia 1 floppy version.
== Bugs Also in the Original ==


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