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I am a retired member of the ScummVM team. Until June 2011, I was co-lead developer of ScummVM, together with [[user:sev|sev]]. I joined the project in April 2002. During this time I worked on the [[SCUMM]] engine, the SDL backend, the OSystem backend interface, the sound mixer, the GUI system, the general infrastructure of ScummVM, and many other things.
== TODO Ideas and TODOs ==The following is a list of ideas and TODOs I had for myself. Since I am not working on ScummVM anymore, these are not not really my TODOs anymore, but maybe somebody is interested in any of them, so I am leaving them here. For any of these, feel free to implement it or a variation, or to add it to the regular TODO list, or to just ignore it if it is uninteresting / obsolete / wrong.
=== Usability ===


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