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** This could be tricky, since the BDF fonts are bitmaps. Is it even possible, within this format, to store the alpha channel needed (?) to represent an anti-aliased glyph? One possibility might be to store a larger version of the font and scale it down to the desired size, but that seems wasteful.
*** BDF fonts aren't suitable here since they're 1bpp. It could be done if font data would be 8bpp and thus, contain just the alpha channel, i.e. shades of gray which will be blended on rendering stage.
*** Fingolfin says: It's *still* possible to use 1bpp fonts for antialiasing, by implementing oversampling: By downscaling a 4x fold or 8x too big character, one can compute & render the antialiased output on the fly -- this worked even on some old 90 MHz PowerPC Macs, so it should be doable. Main concern would be memory usage, and the need to have a big version of all fonts around. Or we switch to a vector based font system (TrueType plus [ Freetype]), at the cost of resources and possibly some portability -- we would have to research this a bit. Another advantage of using FreeType: Unicode support in the GUI would be possible.
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