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=== README / Manual ===
* Fingolfin has started a DocBook based A proper manual (and FAQ, and Developer's Guide). You can find it in the SVN module "docs". It's a starting place, but very unfinished.* Everybody is welcome to start helping out with the public manual project in the "docs" SVN module. You can either reuse content from the README, or replace it with new, better written stuff. Contact Fingolfin or our mailing list, scummvm-devel, if you are interested in helping outmight be nice.
* Maybe move all/most of the compression related stuff from our README completely to the tools README, and only leave a pointer to that in the main README. This would be beneficial because this way, it's only documented in one place; it's *completly* documented (currently, the main README doesn't mention compress_scumm_bun, for example); and people who want to use the compression tools need to download the tools package anyway.
* It would be greate to have a "Developer's Guide to ScummVM" which explains the ScummVM framework, and also the engines, i.e.


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