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→‎Branching: Update for new procedure
=== Branching ===
* Create a branch for the release1.4.x releases from master, named branch-1-34** git checkout -0 (TODO: Document the exact procedure)b branch-1-4 master* Update Increase version numbers on master (to branch-1.-4.0git) and branch (to 1.34.0pre) (TODO: Document the exact procedureusing <code>devtools/</code>; also see below), and commit* Create desc* <code>devtools/ 1 4 0 pre</code>* * <code>git tags for the new gitcommit -m "This is 1.4.0pre" -a</code>* Create annotated tag desc/pre versions, by doing:1.4.0pre on that commit and push** <code>git tag -m "Mark 1.4.0git0pre" desc/1.4.0git 204a9c2e0pre</code>** <code>git push origin tag desc/1.4.0pre branch-1-4:branch-1-4</code>* Increase version on master to 1.5.0git, and commit** <code>git checkout master</code>** <code>devtools/ 1 5 0 git</code>** <code>git commit -m "This is 1.5.0git" -a</code>* Create annotated tag desc/1.5.0git on that commit and push** <code>git tag -m "Mark 1.35.0pre0git" desc/1.35.0pre 40df14a70git</code>** <code>git push origin tag desc/1.35.0pre0git master</code>
=== Preparing the source ===


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