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Compiling ScummVM/MinGW

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Download MinGW:
*[ binutils]*[]*[ gcc-coredll]*[ dev]*[ gcc-g++dll]*[ gmp dev]*[ gmp dll]*[ gomp]*[ iconv]*[ intl dev] *[ intl dll]*[ mingw-runtime dev]*[ mingw-runtime dll]*[ mpc dev]*[ mpc dll]*[ mpfr dev]*[ mpfr dll]*[ pthreads dev]*[ pthreads dll] *[ ssp]*[ w32api 3.14]
Download MSYS and the MSYS Developer Tools:
* Create a directory called mingw in the root directory of drive (ie C:\MinGW\ )
* Extract all the mingw packages to the mingw directory, in the following order!** gcc-core** gcc-g++** binutils (Overwrite any existing files)** mingw-runtime** w32api
* Then, install MSYS. After installation, a new console window will appear, asking if you wish to proceed with the post install. Answer 'y' to that prompt. You will then be asked if you have MinGW installed. Answer 'y' to that and then type in the path of your MinGW directory using forward slashes (e.g. C:/MinGW). Make sure that there is no "make" utility in the MinGW bin folder, as this will clash with the make utility in MSYS. With the recent packages described in the section above, you shouldn't have that problem.
* After both MinGW and MSYS are installed correctly, install MSYS DTK


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