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== About ==
Maemo is a Debian based operating system for Nokia internet tablets and phones. Port is currently based on SDL backend with few patches adding custom keybindings. First version was ported by [ Tomas Junnonen]. Since 0.8.2 until 1.2.1 the port is maintained by [ fanoush]. 0.11.0 was first official version.Since version 1.4.0, the port is maintained by tsoliman.
== Keybindings ==
All SDL backend keybindings (see [ README]) should work unless specifically changed for Maemo. Both builtin (if available) and attached bluetooth or usb keyboard should work. Touch screen tap generates left click. For mouse move either tap somewhere and drag to move or tap while holding ctrl (N810/N900).
=== Device specific keybindings N810 Keybindings ===
==== Nokia 770 and N800 (no keyboard) ====* Escape/arrow key - escape, cancel dialogs and cutscenes* Menu key - game specific : Bring up the scummvm menu (if available)* Din-pad center - right mouse click* Zoom keys - mapped to 1 and y for naming saved games, pass copy protection in monkey2, answer exit question (simon, luregame)* Fullscreen key - toggle fullscreen
==== N810 ====Fullscreen: Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
same keybinding as 770/N810 with additional changesZoom+: Right-click
* Zoom keys - mapped to right click and menu key (d-pad and menu key is hidden when keyboard is closed)* ctrl+m - ScummVM global menu* shift + screen tap = right click* ctrl + screen tap = mouse move (no click): Switch clicking mode
==== N900 ====CTRL + Zoom-: Activate virtual keyboard
same keybinding as N810 with additional changes due to N900 no longer having dedicated Fullscreen, Escape and Menu keys* ctrl + space = Fullscreen key* shift + backspace = Escape key* shift + enter TODO == Menu key
== Game/engine specific comments Support N800 and keybindings ==N900 === SCUMM === * arrow/dpad up - pause/resume* arrow/dpad down - skip line in dialogs [[The_Curse_of_Monkey_Island]] - the cannon shooting scene on the beginning is hard No plans to do with stylus but possible. Try holding stylus and dragging to move the cannon, release to firesupport N770 for future releases because of older SDK requirements=== TODO === document rest of engines with custom keybindings
== Known issues ==
* Game action on left click may not do the right thing on first click (noticed in IHNM, Lure and Discworld, SCUMM engine seems OK). Try to click again or first move mouse to some harmless position and then try again. Theory is that this is due to missing mouse move events due to touchscreen. Some engines may expect the mouse pointer to first move away from currently active object and then enter zone of another object and activate it. With touchscreen you skip the mouse move completely so the previously tapped item is still 'active' while you tap the next item. This may confuse the engine because it expects previous mouse move events to deactivate previously active item. This is just a theory, though. * Nokia 770, N800 - Games that need full keyboard only work with bluetooth keyboard. There is no virtual keyboard (except the one in AGI engine). * Power management - ScummVM is not paused when running in background or display is blanked. Bringing up menu (ctrl+m, menu key) may reduce CPU usage significantly but exiting scummvm is recommended when not in use.
== External links ==
* [ ScummVM Help forum]


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