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== About ==
Maemo is a Debian based operating system for Nokia internet tablets and phones. Port is currently based on a SDL backend (no opengl) with few patches changes adding custom keybindingsfor the hardware keys on the tablets. First version was ported by [ Tomas Junnonen]. Since 0.8.2 until 1.2.1 the port is maintained by [ fanoush]. 0.11.0 was first official version.Since version 1.4.0, the port is maintained by tsolimanand has been part of the main source code tree.There are no official releases between 1.2.1 and 1.4.0 due to the port being unmaintained.
== Keybindings ==
Support N800 and N900
No plans to support N770 for future releases because of older SDK requirements.
Get 1.4.0
== Known issues ==


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