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This page describes how you build Maemo packages from the ScummVM source tree.
== Preparation ==
Compiling has to be done on a linux machine running debian/ubuntu.
On non-linux machines, a linux virtual machine running debian/ubuntu can be used.
== Download and install the maemo-sdk package ==
Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list
<nowiki>deb debian-squeeze free</nowiki>
== Create symlink from backends/platform/maemo/debian to the root of the scummvm checkout ==
<nowiki>ln -s backends/platform/maemo/debian</nowiki>
= build = Compile ==
Depending on what you want, choose one of the following. If you're not sure, choose the first one.
=== Build the deb package ===
<nowiki>sb2 dpkg-buildpackage -b</nowiki>
=== Compile without building a deb package ===
<nowiki>sb2 ./configure --host=maemo
sb2 make


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