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Template:PortFeatures Engines Inforow

146 bytes added, 18:20, 7 November 2011
Added the CGE, Composer, Dreamweb and TsAGE engines, and moved Hugo and Toon with the supported ones.
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{gob|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{groovie|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{hugo|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{kyra|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{lure|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{teenagent|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{tinsel|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{toon|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{touche|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{tsage|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{tucker|?}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{hugocge|wip}}}}}{{Cell Port Engine|{{{composer|wip}}}}}{{Cell Port Engine|{{{dreamweb|wip}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{lastexpress|wip}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{m4|wip}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{mohawk|wip}}}}}
{{Cell Port Engine|{{{sword25|wip}}}}}{{Cell Port Engine|{{{toon|wip}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>
This template shows a port's supported engines in a row.


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