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developer= [[User:somaen|somaen]], [[User:t0by|t0by]]|
companies=[[Dead:Code Software]]|
usedBy=[[Wintermute/Games|Dozens of games]]| dateAdded=Not Yet2012-09-04| release=N/A1.7.0|
The '''Wintermute Engine''' (Copyright (c) 2011 Jan Nedoma) is a set of software tools and a runtime interpreter (game engine) primarily designed for creating and running graphical adventure games. The full engine is open-source (on demand), as well as some of the tools. 
The lead developer rewrote the runtime interpreter to make it a bit portable in 2011, for the 2D part of the engine only.
This engine is being was added by the [[Summer of Code|GSoC ]] student [[User:somaen|somaen]] to ScummVM as part of the [[Summer of Code/GSoC2012#Wintermute integration in ScummVM|GSoC 2012]]. Adding Its functionality was extended by the GSOC student [[User:t0by|t0by]] as part of the [[Summer of Code/GSoC2013#Improving Wintermute Engine|GSoC 2013]]. Once complete, this engine would add support to more than fifty 2D games, would give the users a nice way to create games supported by ScummVM, and would bring to Dead::Code the portability they are dreaming of. ==Features==This port of the Wintermute Engine (WME) is based on WME Lite, which lacks the following functionalityoriginally found in WME: (from The following features of WME 1.x are NOT supported by WME Lite:* 3D characters. WME Lite only supports 2D games.* Sprite frame mirroring.* Sprite rotations.* Sprite blending modes.* Video playback.* Plugins.* Calling external functions from DLL libraries from scripts.* Game Explorer support.* 'Directory' script object. This port does reimplement a few of these features, currently:* Sprite frame mirroring - WORKS.* Sprite rotations.* Video playback - Theora PARTIALLY WORKING. (Slow, and doesn't support seeking) In addition, this port removes a few additional features that were never/rarely used:* 'File' script object - ScummVM doesn't have any easy way to write/read arbitrary files.* Debugger/Compiler - weren't properly accessible in WME Lite anyhow.* CD-numbering support in .dcp-files - was never used.* 'SaveDirectory'-property of 'Game' will not return anything usefull to the game-scripts (saving is handled through SaveFileMan) ==Additional limitations==* Only .OGG and RAW-.WAV sounds are supported at this point* TTF-fonts might behave a bit differently, owing to both the change to FreeType in WME Lite and the change in dpi in this port of WME.* The window-caption-setting in-game will be ignored, for the sake of concistency with ScummVM.* Most VKey-combinations might still be missing (as they already were in WME Lite)* Since we don't use FreeImage, some games might use odd files that weren't expected when the image-decoders in ScummVM were written. One example here is interlaced-PNGs.* UTF8-support is not ported, which means only games with western charsets will work for now.* Games that select language by moving .dcp-files around still need a bit more handling on detection/load adding support for those languages on a language-by-language basis.* Most games assume the availability of the Windows-fonts (particularly arial.ttf) at this point no fallback has been put in place for using FreeFonts as replacements, simply for lack of having them easily accessible to the engines at this point. So, at least arial.ttf should be put in either the game-folder or made available through the extras-folder for now, otherwise kGUIBigFont will be used as a replacement.  ==Advanced engine-features==At this point the engine implements the following "advanced engine features":* RTL ("Return to Launcher") support* Global options dialog support* Listing savestates via command line or Launcher* Loading savestates via command line or Launcher* Deleting savestates via the Launcher and GMM* Savestate metadata support* Loading/Saving during run time and NOT the following:* Enhanced debug/error messages ==Detection==Since Wintermute has authoring tools available, there will at any point intime be atleast a few games that are works-in-progress, and as the authorsof these games might want to test their games in ScummVM, the engine hasto be able to detect arbitrary Wintermute-games, to this end the detectorcode in this engine will check any folder containing "data.dcp", and try toread "startup.settings" and "" (or optionally any other .game-filedefined in startup.settings), the Name/Caption fields in the .game-file willbe used as gameid/title (prefixing the gameid with "wmefan-" to avoid confusionwith any other WME game that might happen to have taken that id.
All COMPLETED games should have their md5s and gameids properly added, IFFthey don't require 3D.  3D games may also be added, for the purpose of giving the user feedbackas to why their game won't run, but at this point, any such MD5 shouldbe added as a comment only, to avoid confusion, as no mechanism for givingthe user feedback about 3D-games not being supported is currently added. ==Gamestargeted by the engine==This engine potentially targets a very large amount of games:
*[ Dead:Code list of games]
*[ Dead:Code forum announcement thread]
*[ Mobygames MobyGames short list] See [[Wintermute/Games|Wintermute Games]] for a list of known games and their current state of support in the engine. ==Games with known issues:==Certain games will work mostly fine with this engine, but can stillbe impossible to complete for various reasons, this is a list of gamesthat technically qualify (as in they do not require the 3D-parts of the engine)but have issues that make them problematic or not completable: Gameplay broken:* J.U.L.I.A. (Full game) (julia) - Requires sprite-rotation for a puzzle. Non-critical:* East Side Story (eastside) - wants "framd.ttf" ==General known issues:==See [[Wintermute/TODO|Wintermute TODO]] list. ==See Also==* [[Wintermute/Controls]]* [[Wintermute/Externals]]* [[Wintermute/Plugins]]* [[Wintermute/Versions]]
== External links ==*[ Wikipedia pagearticle on the Wintermute Engine]


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