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Torin's Passage

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name=Torin's Passage|
platforms=MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Macintosh|
resolution=640x480, 256 colors|
support=NoSince ScummVM 2.0.0|
purchase=[[Where to get the games#Sierra Games|Yes]]
'''Torin's Passage''' was a family friendly graphic adventure game designed by Al Lowe. Torin is from a farming family on the planet Strata. An evil sorceress named Lycentia captures his family with a magic spell, which causes Torin to go on a quest to find her and rescue his family.
This game was fully localized to German + French, including audio and even graphics. Those releases appear to also contain English, French and German subtitles.<br/><br/>
The UK English release of this game appears to also contain French and German subtitles on top of the English ones.<br/><br/>
It appears that the Italian + Spanish versions only contain translated subtitles and feature English audio + English graphics. Those may also be multilingual (subtitles only).<br/><br/>
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