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support=Since ScummVM 0.2.0|
resolution=320x200, 16 colors (original version)<br>or 256 colors (later versions)
'''Loom''' was the fourth game to use the [[SCUMM]] scripting language. The game follows Bobbin Threadbare as he learns how to use his magical powers through his distaff and as he eventually saves the world from the Lord of Chaos, who was unraveling the Loom (the source of power for the members of the weaver's guild).
The DOS floppy EGA version contained only 16 colors.
==Data Files==
All of the files required for Loom to run.
'''''Amiga, FM Towns, Macintosh, DOS EGA, DOS Demo'''''
*CDDA tracks need to be ripped for the FM Towns version
'''''DOS CD&#42;&#42;'''''
*CDDA tracks need to be ripped
==Platform Compatibility==
List of platforms where Loom is known to work / not to work.<br />
Amiga, Atari ST, FM Towns, Macintosh and DOS versions supported by this target.
Loom Compatibility by Platform
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|[[Dreamcast]], [[Linux]], [[Mac OS X]], [[Windows]]||Completable
==External links==
*[ Wikipedia article on Loom]
*[ Screenshots]
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