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== Missing features TODO ==
* The AdLib music does not sound right. I'm speculating that we would need to use the SAMPLE.* files from the original for Adlib instruments. Here is a description of the format probably used by SAMPLE.BNK: . The adlib.diff patch could possibly provide a starting point.
*# Initialize each global variable (or at least each that needs it) in an InitFILENAME() method in each file, which is to be called by the TinselEngine constructor or some other appropriate place.
*# On the long run, turning all these variables into members of to-be-added classes (i.e. objectifying the engine) is preferable, but the above seems to be the easiest and quickest solution.
== Game issues ==
* Perform play testing, look for problems, and then add them all here!
* Check engine code for any 64-bit system incompatible code.
* Check engine code for endian issues, specifically Big Endian issues.
* Perform play testing, looking for bugs. == Other stuff ==* Add fixes/workarounds for bugs present in the original games - See [[Tinsel/Bugs]].* Right nowCurrently, we semi-arbitrarily assigned F5 & F7 to open the load/save dialogs (dreammaster did that this to match Lure, which in turn follows the 'Sierra standard'). Maybe we can should agree on some standard hotkeys which work in all (most/many) engines ?


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