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Added section about creating the project files.
To show the console, right-click on the "scummvm" project and go to Properties. There, go to Configuration Properties->Linker->System and change the "Subsystem" property from "Windows (/SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS)" to "'''Console (/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE)'''". Then, go to Linker->Advanced and set the entry point to be "'''WinMainCRTStartup'''" (special thanks to [[User:Jubanka|Jubanka/knakos]] for his tip on entrypoint).
== Creating the project files ==
First, open relevant solution file in devtools/create_project/msvc<your-version>, and build create_project.exe file.
Then put the resulting create_project.exe file in dists/msvc<your-version> and run create_msvc<your-version>.bat in that directory.
The program will generate whole solution projects for building ScummVM.
== Ready to compile ScummVM ==

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