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=== About Residual ===
Residual is a [ ScummVM] sub-project to play [[LucasArts]]' [ LUA]-based 3D adventures, such as [[Grim Fandango]].
Residual is an [ OpenGL] program, and requires a 3D card with working [ OpenGL] support.
The main [ ScummVM] program can run [[LucasArts]] 2D [[SCUMM]] adventures (among others).Residual is named such as it aims to do the same for the residual (remaining) games. It is also a word pun, as the engine used in these [ LUA]-based adventure is called GrimE (as opposed to [[SCUMM]]). Grime is a type of residue.
=== What is the state of Residual? ===
Some of the game is playable, but many features are either missing or unstable.
There are no menus, save/load features, proper lighting, etc. Crashes are likely.
=== Development/debug keys from the original game ===


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