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→‎Script bugs: Add the graphics glitch (script bug) in QFG1VGA that occurs when throwing the dagger at the white stag
* PQ3: day 4 at crime scene - after examining the victim Sonny's head disappears for around 0.5 seconds
* QFG1VGA: the left and right half-transparent window decoration on all windows doesn't work right, the transparency will show the background picture all the time
* QFG1VGA: After throwing a dagger at the white stag, half of the Hero's animation/costume is not erased and stays stuck on the screen {{BugTrack|num=3565492}}
* QFG3: priority issue in leopard chiefs hut, walking in front of the chief makes it visible
* SQ4: At the beginning of the game, if the zombie spots Roger while he's picking the rope, the game scripts try to access an invalid object and crash {{BugTrack|num=3539400}}


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