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→‎Script bugs: Add QFG2 Jackalmen Memory Leak as reported by original developers
* QFG1VGA: the left and right half-transparent window decoration on all windows doesn't work right, the transparency will show the background picture all the time
* QFG1VGA: After throwing a dagger at the white stag, half of the Hero's animation/costume is not erased and stays stuck on the screen {{BugTrack|num=3565492}}
* QFG2: Significant memory leak in combat with jackalmen. In SSCI, this apparently manifested as random crashes towards the end of the game and was never located and fixed. This is as reported by original developers, and may not affect our implementation, but needs checking. See [[]]
* QFG3: priority issue in leopard chiefs hut, walking in front of the chief makes it visible
* SQ4: At the beginning of the game, if the zombie spots Roger while he's picking the rope, the game scripts try to access an invalid object and crash {{BugTrack|num=3539400}}


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