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Update supported Windows versions
== About ==
ScummVM has been ported to [[Microsoft ]] Windows.<br>This supports machines running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 7 , 8 and 8 10 (excluding RT).<br>Notes:
* Though we try to maintain builds on the older OS versions, unless there is a very good reason to break compatibility, OS versions earlier than XP are not tested regularly, so could exhibit runtime failures. Please report any such issue as bugs in the normal manner.
* Windows 8 should run our builds as it supports Win32 applications. However as this is new (as of Q4 2012), this has not been tested significantly and minor issues may occur. Note: tablets running this may have input issues as our builds are compiled for keyboard and mouse input, rather than touchscreen.
* Windows 8 RT is unlikely to be supported by this port as Windows RT is a rewritten version of Windows 8 so that it works on an ARM processor. It is incompatible with any other version of Windows, as it runs on a completely different processor architecture, and it follows the Apple paradigm: it can only run certified software obtained from the Windows Store, similar to iPhones/iPads running software from the App Store.
* Windows 95, 98 and ME were last supported in ScummVM 1.8.1, due to the move to SDL2
* Windows 3.1 (and earlier) are not supported. Please don't ask, unless you are providing a code patch!
* Devices running Windows CE (Compact Edition) are [[Windows_CE|supported here]].
* [[Compiling_ScummVM/Visual_Studio]]
* [[Compiling_ScummVM/MinGW]]
* [[Compiling_ScummVM/DevCPP]]
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