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→‎How to triage bug reports: First draft of Bug Triage guidelines
== How to triage bug reports ==
TODO[https: Describe how // Triage] is a term borrowed from medical terminology referring to react to new the process of assessing bug reports; how , prioritising and dealing with any immediate action needed.<br>We do not have a formal project format and process for doing this, but the following are highly recommended guidelines for dealing with bugs and users reporting bugs:* Some users prefer to get more infoask informally in the [ Help and Support Forum] or in the IRC channel about a bug or problem they are having. As an admin or developer, please don't rebuke them for doing this. However, if their problem appears real and is not solved trivially/immediately, how then politely suggest that they file a formal bug and link them to use canned responses; which the [[Trackers |Bug Tracker]].* The current [[Trackers]] do not have the ability to send notifications by e-mail or IRC based on keywords, so an admin should check the tracker periodically, preferably daily for any new bugs.* New bugs should have at least a basic reply comment (preferably within a week), even if this is just thanking the bug submitter for the bug submission and indicating that it will take a little time to deal with.* Any new bug should be assessed for the following:** Is the bug title format line formatted correctly and sufficiently descriptive?*** Currently, we use; the same kind of prefix at the start of the title as we do in commit messages. See [[Commit_Guidelines#Rules here]] for description of these. The prefix should indicate the sub-team who should do further investigation i.e. the engine name for engine specific bugs, the backend name for platform specific bugs etc.*** You should try to ensure that the game short name (and platform, if relevant) are included in the title.*** These rules are to help developers who browse or search the bug list to locate bugs relevant to their engine or platform by visual or text search.*** If changing the title from the user's original value, please ensure to transfer any information removed to a comment, if not otherwise present.** If the bug is missing any of the following required information, then a comment should be added to ask the user to confirm this:*** Name of game (preferably with language/variant).*** Exact version of Operating System/Platform i.e. Windows XP SP1, rather than just Windows.*** Exact version of ScummVM by release or source code revision id.*** Brief description of bug.*** Method for replicating bug.*** Attached savegame for replication.** Any indication that the user has violated Rule #0? If so, then a comment should be posted referring them to [[Copyright_FAQ]] by URL.** If the bug is reporting "a crash", then the first possibility is to eliminate corrupted, missing or variant datafiles. The usual response to this is: This sounds like corrupted, missing or variant datafiles. Please can you try copying your datafiles from the original CD/floppies again and see if the problem disappears?If this doesn't work, or the user appears to be technically more capable, then a better response is: This sounds like corrupted, missing or variant datafiles. Please could you attach a text file to this bug containing a file listing of your <GAME NAME> datafiles, preferably with file md5sums? The output of a tool such as this: or other tool from [[Reporting_unknown_MD5_checksums]] would be optimal.


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