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Update TODO, add TODO for DW1 Mac
*# On the long run, turning all these variables into members of to-be-added classes (i.e. objectifying the engine) is preferable, but the above seems to be the easiest and quickest solution.
* Check engine code for any 64-bit system incompatible code.
* Check engine code for endian issues, specifically Big Endian issues(most issues should be fixed by now).* Perform play testing, looking for bugs.
* The following (minor) bugs were found in a Discworld 1 playthrough on 2012-05-27. It is suspected, but unconfirmed that they occur in the original interpreter. If so, they should be moved to [[Tinsel/Bugs]].
** Act 2: After the first trip through L-Space to the library in the past, the game can get stuck when the "Hiding From Thief" script is triggered and Rincewind hides. This appears to be caused by a problem with the Luggage pathfinding to hide and getting stuck. As the mouse is disabled at this point and the game is waiting for the Luggage to hide before the Thief appears, the game is stuck. This only seems to occur when playing the game from a clean new game start to this point i.e. during release playtesting, but it is recoverable as exiting and loading a savegame from just before this does not exhibit the bug and allows the game to continue.
* Add fixes/workarounds for bugs present in the original games - See [[Tinsel/Bugs]].
* Currently, we semi-arbitrarily assigned F5 & F7 to open the load/save dialogs (dreammaster did this to match Lure, which in turn follows the 'Sierra standard'). Maybe we should agree on some standard hotkeys which work in all (most/many) engines?
== Discworld 1 Mac (demo / full) TODO ==
* The music is skipped for now, as it isn't MIDI
* There are palette issues (some black colors are substituted with white ones)
* The sprite drawing graphics functions are missing, so no sprites are drawn


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