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Debugging ScummVM

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Add Platform Specific Debugging Notes starting with Android alogcat/adb notes.
TODO: Document debug flags/levels for the various ports.<br>
== Platform Specific Debugging ==
=== Android ===
When debugging on Android, the Android Debug Bridge provides developers with access to the system log.<br>
Specifically, the logcat command will display the log:
This should record any ScummVM related errors, warnings or other information, especially related to failures of the application to start or application crashes.
For investigating user bug reports, it would useful to get this information, but the ADB requires a USB connection to a host PC with the ADK.<br>
However, there is an easier to use log viewer application which runs on the device called "alogcat":
This requires no Host PC, USB connection or software setup beyond installing this app and can be downloaded from the Android Store (Google Play) for no cost.
== Tips ==


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