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:* "Improve performance in FOO by X%."
: Make sure there is a clearly visible set of '''goals''' that need to be accomplished for your project to be considered successful. It is also encouraged to list additional goals you plan to accomplish in the course of your project if everything goes as expected. You already explained why your project is benefitial for us, however, here you should motivate why a goal is required for your success or just optional. Make sure not to mix the description of a goal with this.
: In addition to the mere goals of your project define '''milestones'''. A milestone should be connected to the progress/accomplishment of goals. You should , at the very least , define 2 (two) milestones here. Again, describe the milestones and elaborate on your reasons for defining exactly these milestones. When you plan to accomplish the milestones will be handled in the schedule and not here.
* '''Project Schedule'''
: Create a schedule with (at least) the granularity of weeks here. This schedule should, for example, explain how long your project will take and when you can begin to work on it. Please connect the individual weeks with the overall Summer of Code schedule, i.e. clearly make the mid-term evaluations (etc.) visible. There are multiple ways to organize this, we trust you to find the best way to present your schedule. However, we want to see a connection to the goals here. This includes elaborating why you think X takes time Y and what possible issues might arise here. Last but not least, put a fixed date for each milestone you defined here. We want at least one milestones before the mid-term.
* '''Availability'''
: How many hours per week can you spend working on this? What other obligations do you have this summer?


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