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Revamp sdl.dll unzipping section for readability. Add more info about the used dists-subdirectory (msvc8-msvc11).
* Run install.bat (Visual Studio 2005/2008 only) or [[Compiling_ScummVM/Visual_Studio#Adding_all_libraries_to_Visual_Studio_2010|add the libraries by hand]] (Visual Studio 2010)
* You don't need to add the libraries to Visual Studio, as the installer automatically copies the necessary files in the appropriate directories of Visual Studio. Please note that this installer has only been tested with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. If you get errors with earlier versions of Visual Studio, simply copy the directories ''bin'', ''lib'' and ''include'' inside the directory where Visual C++ is installed. If you're not sure how to do that, check the section "[[Compiling_ScummVM/Visual_Studio#Adding_all_libraries_to_Visual_Studio_2005%2F2008|Adding all libraries to Visual Studio 2005/2008]]" further on
* Unzip sdl.dll from the SDL runtime in the same directory where the scummvm executable will be created (default is under ditsdists\msvc9<msvc_dir>\scummvm_Release, substitute ) where <msvc_dir> is:** msvc8 for Visual Studio 2005** msvc9 for msvc8 if you're using Visual Studio 2005 and msvc7 if you're using 2008** msvc10 for Visual Studio 2010** msvc11 for Visual Studio 2003)2012
* Skip to step "[[Compiling_ScummVM/Visual_Studio#Ready to compile ScummVM|Ready to compile ScummVM]]"


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