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If you see a game that is yellow, light blue, or purple in color, feel free to test it. Non-mandatory games may be found [[Release Testing/1.6.0/Other Games|here]].
=== LucasArts Games ===
|- style="background:lightgreen"
|The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Two: Hand of Fate||English DOS CD||Completable. A couple of regressions were fixed during testing. Speech is sometimes cut off, possibly by another sound effect, but that may be an old problem.||eriktorbjorn||Linux (Debian x86)||d2a97a4
|The Feeble Files||English Windows 4-CD||Completable. It did crash once, and started behaving oddly once (both at Cygnus Alpha), but I was never able to reproduce either of them. Loyalty Rating stayed "Extremely Trustworthy" throughout the game. There are indications in the scripts that it should change, but I can't verify. I'm assuming that none of these are regressions, though.||eriktorbjorn||Linux (Debian x86)||1ffaed4
|Loom||English FM Towns||Expert mode. Completable. No problems noted.||eriktorbjorn||Linux (Debian x86)||a360e4d


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