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→‎Known Issues: Add some findings while playing around with the recorder.
==Known Issues==
* GUI dialogs are not visible during playback/recording.
'''How to reproduce''': Record any game and try to open up the GMM, it will not be visible.
* Events happening while the GUI is open are not recorded.
This is an issue for games which rely on our GUI (like for example Hugo). It will also break automated testing when the GUI was opened while recording (like for example the pause dialog in SCUMM games). The reason here is that you will have to close the GUI manually on playback because the user events leading to closing of the GUI are not recorded.
'''How to reproduce''': Record any game, bring up the GMM and close it by pressing ESC. Stop recording. Play the recording file. You will notice after the GMM is opened the recording will stay paused.
* Brining up the pause dialog in SCUMM games (like Monkey Island 2) cannot be reliably done.
'''How to reproduce''': Record a SCUMM game (like Monkey Island 2). Press space. You will notice that the pause dialog closes immediately most of the time.
(Right now you can check whether the dialog is open by checking whether the record timer in the top left is paused). This does not happen in normal play.
* Audio callback sometimes not/very slowly called while recording(?)
'''How to reproduce''': Start Monkey Island 1 CD. Watch the whole intro sequence. Return to launcher. Start recording of Monkey Island 1 CD. You will notice that the LucasFilm logo is displayed for a long time.
'''Further notes''': The really oddity here is that when playing the recording everything seems to work and the logo's animation is played at normal timings. This causes the recording and playback to become out of sync (you can notice that because the screenshots taken differ and the recorder warns about it). A recording made by the procedure above can be obtained [ here] (recording was stopped after 42 minutes while the "Part One" screen was visible).
* Recorder GUI does not work on playback
'''How to reproduce''': Play a recording. Try to press a button of the GUI in the top left. It will not work.


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