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→‎Running Debug Builds: Amend guidance on serial debug cables.
== Running Debug Builds ==
Unlike release builds, development builds (such as those from [ here]) are nominally configured for serial port debugging. If there is no serial cable attached, or a terminal program is not running on this port, ScummVM _will_ hang at the "SEGA" logo screen or a black screen due to RS232 flow control (the Dreamcast fails to get Clear-To-Send). If you don't have a serial debugging cable, then you can use the development builds from [ here] which are not marked "with Serial Debug", or if you are compiling yourself, then this can be disabled by editing the relevant configure script line to ensure that the enviroment variable DEFINES contains the parameter "-DNOSERIAL", which is otherwise only ensured for release builds.
Also, the development build plugins are usually larger than the release ones i.e. unstripped/debugging symbols. Thus as previously noted, if the combined size of the engine plugins on the CD is larger than the available memory, this will manifest as either a lock up of ScummVM or as a system reset before the selection menu appears.


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